About Us

Fantastic Toys brings out the antsy pants feeling of being a kid in a toy store. Whether it may be just a smile or squeals of delight, they make people happy. Inspired by Japanese kawaii crafts, Fantastic Toys is the latest spin of the indie plush toy phenomenon. Some of the toys available are handmade soft toys, printable paper crafts, sewing crafts and other novelties. Always on top of the current trends; some of the products themes include woodland animals, cupcakes, matryoshka dolls, fairy tales and holidays.

Timothy Haugen, the creative mind behind Fantastic Toys has been doodling and crafting from a young age. He would spend hours cooped up inside drawing cartoons and making crafts of all kinds. Not much has changed for him as an adult, he's still drawing and crafting, except now his creations are being enjoyed around the world. Tim began life as a toy maker creating dollhouse miniatures but became quickly enamored with soft toy design. He started to lean toward sculptural art which made the transition from illustration to soft toys very easy. In turn, he started to design paper craft printables, yet another extension of his illustration, design and sculpting skills.

Tim's cute creations have been sold at fine Minneapolis establishments such as Creative Kidstuff and the Walker Art Center Shop. He's currently one of Etsy's Top 10 Toy sellers and occasionally you can find him peddling his goods at craft shows. He spends his free time volunteering with cat adoptions and mentoring children through arts and crafts.